Franz Kraler: a story of love, style and fashion in the Dolomites 



A noble family of Hapsburg lineage with elegance imprinted in their DNA. Maybe predictable given the origins, yet the current generation of the Kralers – Franz, his wife Daniela and their son Alexander – owns a rare and natural flair for the unconditionally beautiful. They could have been antique collectors, artists or who knows what else, instead they have chosen fashion.

The Kralers' history as entrepreneurs has its roots in Tyrol at the beginning of the twentieth century and Dobbiaco is their hometown. An old-school family, devoted to work with one only creed: commitment and honesty as pillars of success. In such a concrete context there is no place for flamboyance because moderation is the true luxury. Franz grows up breathing culture and seriousness and within this refined ambience his first luxury store is brought forth, a beacon of fashion for the north-east region then and a reference point for the whole country later.

Daniela and Alexander are the heart and mind of a dynasty that has revolutionized the luxury concept in South Tyrol and beyond. It starts with the prestigious Franz Kraler headquarters, 'Il Castello', former dépendance of the famous Grand Hotel Dobbiaco once summer residence of   emperor Franz Joseph. Nowadays, it houses a collection of the most glam international trademarks, selected with great taste and addressed to fashion enthusiasts.

Tradition, seriousness, luxury and determination are the key-words of the Kralers and their customers always hold the top of the pyramid in the Dobbiaco store as well as in Cortina. The choice of placing the luxury stores in top-class tourist sites is not accidental, rather the contrary. It is a rewarding strategy that favours a 'dialogue' between the client and the seller of the object of desire . The representative customer of the Franz Kraler boutiques is most of all a person who considers shopping as a leisure activity, who shuns the in-and-out way of shopping but rather gets around in the store like inside a fashion house. While  leisurely choosing among the items the customers can make small talk in front of the mantelpiece or take a break in the relaxing lounge and the outdoor area in a mitteleuropean ambience. In the Franz Kraler stores the spaces are accessible to disabled and are designed for relaxing and moments together, for kids and our four-legged friends as well. Yet, not only this. Anyone who is riding a horse in Dobbiaco and feels attracted by the bright shop-windows can leave their horse in the spaces dedicated and enter the temple of fashion.

On the contrary, in Cortina in the two stores of Corso Italia fronting onto 'Piazzetta Kraler' the    more conceptual space is dedicated to man/woman fashion items and accessories and the other one is dedicated to kids' clothes.

The new Franz Kraler space in Corso Italia 92 is set in the historical Ritz Saddler site. Seven shopwindows in the most central and prestigious shopping street par excellence...

The new enterprise is the umpteenth inspiring challenge and represents a deep personal and professional commitment for the relaunch of the image of Cortina d'Ampezzo and of a knowledgeable entrepreneurship able to promote the most contemporary views on modern culture and preserve over time traditions disappeared by now.

Over the years the family stores have evolved and the highly versatile different locations bring art, fashion and culture together. The new project for 'Il Castello di Dobbiaco' includes  extensive multi-purpose sales floor areas integrated in the structures and the territory, yet completely independent, with large glass shopfronts to exalt the excellence of the haute couture creations as works of art.

Today, the Franz Kraler reality lies in the 2000sq.m. of exhibition and sales areas of Cortina and Dobbiaco along with the executive and logistics offices. It expresses a deeply-rooted bond with the territory and a complex know-how that allows the management and expansion of the spaces even in the shortest time to rapidly adapt them to any kind of exigence and bring forth a more and more ambitious future.